Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Vegas Themed Dessert Table

Last season at Bridgewater Country Club, where I work as the Pastry Chef, I created a Vegas themed dessert table for one of the Ladies golf tournaments. I always love doing these themed tables, and this one was no exception! 

I made Poker Chip Cookies, shown below...

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with card suit garnishes, made with cookie dough.

What's Vegas without a little booze, right?  Here's a Margarita Cake Shooter made with tequila soaked cake, lime curd and whipped cream, topped with a salted caramel shard. Gotta have salt and lime with your margarita!! :)

Next are some Dice shaped Cake pops...actually blondie pops! I added cherry and white chocolate to my blondie, then dipped in white chocolate and added dark chocolate dots to make dice.

 My most requested and loved dessert at the club is my Dark Chocolate Ganache tarts with salted caramel, topped with some crispy chocolate pearls.

Here's a look at the entire table. I design and decorate it myself, with whatever supplies the ladies give me. Always a fun part of my job!

If you are having a party and would like mini desserts or themed desserts catered for your affair, email me at   sweetsbymorgan@gmail.com

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